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Part 139 Airport Certification – Airports

In 2004,   FAA   issued   a final   rule   that   revised   the   Federal  airport
certification regulation [Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR),
Part 139 (14 CFR Part 139] and established certification requirements
for   airports   serving   scheduled   air   carrier   operations   in   aircraft
designed for more than 9 passenger seats but less than 31 passenger
seats. In addition, this final rule  amended  a section  of  an  air   carrier
operation   regulation  (14 CFR Part 121)  so  it  would  conform  with
changesto   airport  certification  requirements.  The revised  Federal
airportcertificatio n requirements went into  effect on  June 9, 2004.

2001 ARFF FireFighter Truck

 With under 25,000 miles, this used fire truck has been very well taken care of over its life. There should be plenty of life left to respond to emergency calls in your own fire department with this piece of emergency equipment. The light tower on this vehicle will provide excellent scene lighting on your response. Whether lighting a wreck scene, or making sure your fire fighters have the light needed to prepare for work, this truck can provide that. With an on-board foam system, your fire fighting will use the water more efficiently. Adding foam to a fire can help reduce the total water needed to extinguish the fire, and reduce the damage that can be caused to property by excess water usage on a fire scene.

Video About Gibrlatar (in  Europe)
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Forward looking individuals that understand that freedom of movement & travel is on of the basics that this country was build on. A wheel was invented, horses where used for transportation later trains or Mr Ford with his worldwide known Model T, the Wright bros bring us the invention that fast movement is based on.

The November 9th, 2019 we have started to gather signatures to bring awareness and start to little by little getting  the needs necessary to approach airliners and have at least seasonal connection flights once a week from and out of our local airport. So come to the airport and sign our Petition -  You will be glad that you did!

Freedom of movement, mobility rights, or the right to travel is a human
rights concept encompassing the right of individuals to travel from
place to place within the territory of a country, and to leave the
country and return to it.