The KRHP School of Aviation is provided by The Blue Ridge Mountains Flyers Aviation of Ret. Captain Gayland Trull licensed for:
Airline Transport - Airplane Multi-engine & Commercial - Airplane Single Engine pilot;   Feel free to checkout their website 
$99 USD Introductory Flight
Buy $99 Flight Gift Certificate for You and your close ones

(max 2 adults or 1 adult with 2 children);

For more info contact us at the Western Carolina Regional Airport

(KRHP) and leave us a message with your name and phone number

at: (828) 321-5114 and our representative will contact you ASAP.

* All prices quoted are cash or credit card prices.
Private Pilot Training
Private Pilot License
Ground School Training
Cessna 172  $149 USD per hour


- Instructor

- Gas (100LL)

- Liability insurance

* All prices quoted are cash or credit card prices.
At the Western Carolina Regional Airport


- by yourself in KRHP study facitlities FREE.

- with instructor $49 USD per hour

* All prices quoted are cash or credit card prices.
Flight Attendant Prep Course (under developement)

We have a pleasure to announce that at the Western Carolina Regional

Airport will be available in the near future Ground Training Study

for Flight Attendant 101. For interested students, we will be providing

PREP courses with an experienced Flight Attendant.

                      - AREA UNDER DEVELOPEMENT-

 - once a month (every first monday)

- $49 USD per course (max duration 2 hours)

- minimum 10 students per class

Drone Training (under developement)
Basic Drone Flight Training
Commercial Drone Flight Training
Basic introductory course if you are just trying to understand the

latest of drone laws, basic weather and drone flight training.

Includes 90 minutes of hands on and instructional training to

help get you started.

                                  -AREA UNDER DEVELOPMENT-
Our mission is to provide comprehensive training to

governments, corporations and individuals on the proper

operation of:

- UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems),

- UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and Drones.

                    -AREA UNDER DEVELOPMENT-